International Supplier Day 2018 at Daimler AG Mannheim
By Falk Pagel 8. March 2018

End of February there has been an International Supplier Day at the Daimler plant in Mannheim. Representatives of over 100 international automotive suppliers came for an exciting lecture and marketplace programme in order to find out how one can increase and secure product quality and ability to supply.

During this event our managing director Falk Pagel held his lecture Smart Maintenance – The Key to higher Product Quality and Ability to Supply.

After the lectures attending companies had the opportunity of being introduced to the products and services of IAS MEXIS GmbH. We are really pleased to have great resonance from our booth visitors. Pilots have been offered to the automotive suppliers in order to increase their OEEs.

For further information on our products and services please click the following link or arrange a presentation or a pilot. We are pleased to assist you!