Predictive Maintenance – Term Definition
By Falk Pagel 29. January 2014

teaser_blog4Over the past 50 years there have been some glittering moments in maintenance. Some terms, which have been understandable and linguistically acceptable, produced waves – sometimes even tsunamis. That is how it was with Preventive Maintenance and Weak Point Analysis, and that is how it is today with the terms Predictive Maintenance and Big Data.

A survey shows that Predictive Maintenance is in everybody’s consciousness, however with widely differing interpretations. It seems to be necessary to examine the linguistic understanding of “predictive”.

The most appropriate understanding was “anticipatory”, followed by “prophylactically” and “in time”. Predictive – with its Latin and Greek roots – means more! It is up to the maintenance-experts if they create a good thing out of it or if they create a bubble which bursts if not implemented profitably.

The prefix „PRE“ does not only mean „BEFORE“, but also „FOR“!

PREdictive Maintenance ist demnach sowohl VOR-Sorge, als auch FÜR-Sorge: Nicht nur ein Ereignis rechtzeitig erkennen, sondern sinnvoll im Vorfeld etwas dafür oder dagegen zu tun!

Thus means that PREdictive Maintenance stand for PREcaution as well as for CARE: not only detecting an incident in time but also acting in advance in a reasonable way!