The general function of DIVA™ DYNAMICS


Lived Maintenance

Prof. Mexis, the founder and eponym of the IAS, with more than 150 scientific papers, 12 technical books and over 600 seminars known as the “Maintenance-Guru” is often in demand as an expert. His complete life as a true expert in weak-point analyses represents the philosophy of the IAS MEXIS GmbH and their implementation in practice: “Eliminate weak points and reduce necessary maintenance to an efficient level.”


Dual Maintenance

DIVA™, “Dual Maintenance with Availability-Analysis”, meets the requirements of a quite young keyword for a long time: Our software-solution stands for lived predictive maintenance for over 25 years. In 1977, Prof. Mexis founded the IAS, at that time an Institute. Already the first version of the software-solution DIVA™ formulated what is described nowadays as predictive maintenance. A symbiosis between necessary, prescribed fixed-time maintenance measures and availability-controlled maintenance measures “DIVA™-style”.

Right from the start the DIVA™-Systems continuously analyse the behavior of components. The data obtained enlarge these systems independently according to the usage pattern. DIVA™ DYNAMICS is an expert system which adapts to the conditions of your enterprise – and not vice versa.

The relaunch of DIVA™ DYNAMICS in 2013 optimized well established core modules and state-of-the-art technologies have been implemented.

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The Expert System

Intelligence and exceptional dynamics are the essential elements of DIVA™ DYNAMICS. The basis is the Availability-Matrix by Mexis.

Above all, three factors are having an impact on the actual objects of the maintenance – the components: the component properties, loads and environment parameters (e.g. operating parameters). Different combination options of these parameters will determine the wear and thus also the availability.

All four important maintenance strategies (crash strategy, preventive maintenance, condition-dependent maintenance and quality-oriented maintenance) do not consider the dimension of availability. Availability determines the effectiveness of your production and is a measure of success and sustainability of maintenance.

The innovation by Mexis: operating parameters, operating time and availability determine the inspection intervals. The Availability-Matrix by Mexis was born.



The relationship between the most influencing factors of a component and its availability-behaviour according to Mexis.


Each component hast its own distribution considerating the influencing factors which determines the “wear-curve”. The scientific activities of the Institute and the digital evaluation of 65 million availability dates enabled us to interpret these characteristics in a stochastic-functional way. The developed algorithm specifies the relevant component behavior and displays it.

The complex three dimensional distribution will be projected for their practical application and will be displayed in an easy to handle matrix: operating parameters will be correlated with the desired availability and the inspection intervals will be displayed.

This Availability-Matrix is the core component of DIVA™ DYNAMICS. The availability is not a constant factor, but has to be re-elaborated again and again. The basic system and the data gained from operations will optimize the availability-distribution.

The availability optimization ensures the optimal link of programmed “intelligence” and engineering expertise.

No matter if you regard pump systems in oil & gas-production, filling facilities or pouch-filling machines of packaging plants – DIVA™ DYNAMICS will calculate the cost-optimal maintenance-strategy for each single component.

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The DIVA™ product family

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