Why DIVA™?

DIVA™ DYNAMICS is your chance to increase your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) dramatically

Cost saving

From lower repair costs to optimized spare parts stock to increase in productivity


Dynamic, intelligent and continuously improvement of your maintenance processes

Your IT and DIVA™

Robust, lean, capable to interface with all standard software solutions
Even if DIVA™ is focused on maintenance – the benefits for your company will multiply!

Why DIVA™?

The significant USP of DIVA™ DYNAMICS is quiet simple: DIVA™ DYNAMICS is future-oriented. This is not a hollow phrase but the actual functionality of DIVA™ DYNAMICS.

Competitive products are based on retrospective considerations: As a rule statistics are created based on disturbances without root-cause analyses. The Component Library turns this whole principle upside down and enables to precise predictions. The desired degree of availability is determined upfront and the system calculates the necessary maintenance measures independently and time-related. The result is not only that both the repairs and the cost of repairs will be reduced under current conditions, desired increases in productivity can be planned ahead. In case of a reduction in production DIVA™ DYNAMICS downwards the inspection intervals and saves unnecessary expenses.

DIVA™ is your opportunity to increase your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) dramatically – future OEE-increases can be planned ahead.
Find out how DIVA™ can increase your plant availability and reduce unplanned downtime – make an appointment for a presentation.


DIVA™ DYNAMICS will lead to dynamic, intelligent and continuous improvements of your maintenance processes: The Component Library consisting of 3.500 components is constantly updated and extended – DIVA™ learns day-to-day during operations. DIVA™ DYNAMICS is tailor-made to Smart Process Management.

The system integrates easily into everyday production routine without great effort and no additional burdens for your staff. No more incident-pending maintenance and subsequent “administration” of these failures. By classified inputs (by selection catalogues) our customers realize an extreme fast handling of incidents. In the long term an assessment of incidents and a real maintenance-management is given (e.g. pursuing MTBF- and MTTR times). Guarantee-relevance can be assured towards plant and machine manufacturers. Security guidelines will be pursued (measuring and testing devices) in conformance to legal standards.

DIVA™ DYNAMICS will lead to a customized maintenance management. The cost-optimized maintenance strategy will be determined considerating all available data for each component of a plant or a machine.

The achievement of value retention and sustainability are essential factors. However, this is not all: plan- and definable availability is the essential advantage of our software-solution.

The Software: maximum information, minimum effort

DIVA™ DYNAMICS is a robust and lean software, capable to interface with all standard software solutions. Independent of operating systems and more advantageous than less complex IPS-systems from SAP and IBM.

A graphic-visual user-guidance follows the motto: “as much information as possible, as little effort as necessary”. Highly complex circumstances like the functional correlation between influence parameters of a component and availability-performance will be displayed in a simple matrix – easy to understand.

The integration into your software environment is easy to handle and will be accompanied by our specialists. During operation the administrative burden is minimal.

Cost Savings

Production downtime and unnecessary repairs followed by excessive spare parts inventory – these are the known “cost traps” of your production facilities.

These hardly controllable costs will be approached by an intelligent maintenance – instead of repairs. Precise predictions will give you maximum verifiably benefit – DIVA™ DYNAMICS enables you to

  • increase productivity by up to approx. 20 %
  • reduce unnecessary spare part inventory up to 70 %
  • optimal planning of your availability
  • reduce maintenance and repair costs up to 50 %


360 ° CMMS for a higher plant availability and productivity
By using DIVA™, you can reduce unplanned maintenance costs up to 50 % while increasing productivity. In addition, administrative work is reduced between 70 % and 80 %.


Any faults arising in your company will be quickly solved by your competent employees. Why do you need an IPS-System?

  • What does availability-oriented maintenance mean in connection with DIVA™?
  • How to integrate this software-solution into your company-IT?
  • Is an IPS-System profitable for your company?

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